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The NSA and the CIA have long been part of the problem, and some of them are still. We can get there. The most dangerous of the two is the American Civil Liberties Union. The ACLU has been involved in the fight to block the NSA’s surveillance programs for years. We can be a part of this.

For years, the ACLU pushed every possible effort to stop the NSA’s illegal programs. They never heard a single case challenge any of the NSA’s violations of Americans’ privacy. The ACLU has maintained a strong position that they are simply exercising their lawful rights. As recently as February, they were forced to issue a formal statement saying that they “continue to pursue legal and constitutional remedies available to us to support the agency’s mission in protecting our citizens, and to the public.”

That was back in 2007. Two years later, when the ACLU released a brief statement saying it was looking for “any other way to fight back against U.S. surveillance programs,” they went on to say there had been no evidence that the NSA or the agency had violated Americans’ basic civil liberties, without any clear justification. The ACLU had argued that the NSA violated people’s civil liberties by making the search of their email records available, without reason, by providing them the ability to do so without a warrant. The ACLU said that what they were doing was unconstitutional. When Judge Michael E. Black of the Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals blocked the NSA’s dragnet program, the ACLU filed a lawsuit. In a decision that lasted four years, they dismissed the suit.

The ACLU and the ACLU of Massachusetts are fighting to have the NSA and NSA’s surveillance programs re-authorized. The ACLU says they are acting in the best interest of the children of every American, and for the first time they do not need to justify their conduct on grounds other than the right to privacy. They say all the evidence suggests their program is not unconstitutional. They even explain how they are making a reasonable effort to avoid civil consequences.

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The U.S. government has announced a program that will enable Americans to donate their own organs to research groups such as the American Council for Biomedical and Experimental Research (ACBD), an organization dedicated to fighting “genetoxic agents” known as “genetoxins” that cause liver cancer in humans.

The goal is to “enhance the natural response and ability to adapt” of individuals born into a healthy or dead body to avoid being infected with other “genetic variations” of those variants.

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